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holy name — George Georges Georgette Georgia Georgiane Georgina Georgine Jordi Youri

Holidays to Halkidiki

This website invites you to discover the most unusual in Greece, Chalkidiki. It calls for travel, guide you and allows travelers to rent a homestay.

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Holidays in Greece Come visit the archaeological historic site of Petrolona or birthplace of Aristotle. Halkidiki is a haven of peace among the sea, olive trees and pine forests.


Vacances en Grèce Modern and luxurious hotel located in the center of a natural environment.
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In this part of Greece, the sea dominates.
Halkidiki Chalkida also known by its Latin name
offers a natural landscape of pine trees lined
White sand beaches.

Its three peninsulas that penetrate in the Aegean offer multitude of access to crypts and you look deep into the mythological story your childhood dreams.

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